Introduction To Your Instructor


About a year and a half ago, I created my business, Eco-Conscious Diver @ecoconsciousdiver . But I was struggling to find ways that would really make it profitable and create the impact I wanted it to have.

About six months in, after struggling with merchandise and low-paid product affiliate programs, I finally decided to launch my first online course - A Complete Introduction To Marine Conservation™.⁠

This one step, creating an online course, completely changed my business and my life.

Online courses have allowed me to break free from one on one clients and financial/time barriers, and create a business I’m passionate about and that works for ME.

I'm so excited to help YOU do the same!

After launching SIX of my own online courses, I’m now going to show you exactly how to create your course content, and set up all the important marketing mechanisms that guarantee a successful launch!


Best Fishes 🐡,⁠

Caitlin⁠ McCall

Founder, McCall Digital Marketing⁠ & Eco-Conscious Diver

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