The step-by-step guide to dramatically increasing your following & engagement using REELS + TikToks!

Course Curriculum Outline

REELS & TikToks: A COMPLETE Tutorial

Key Section Concepts

  • What Are REELS/TikToks?!
  • What Do I Create A REEL/TikTok About?!
  • Best Practices
  • Creating/Editing (Staying On-Brand, Adding Text, Spicing Them Up, Music/Voiceovers)
  • How To Get More Views + Engagement + Followers
  • Workshop: Creating Your First REEL
  • BONUS: My Favorite TikToks File
  • BONUS: My Favorite Way To Repurpose REELS (5 Ways!)
  • BONUS: Recommended Apps & Software
  • BONUS: REELS + TikToks Idea Templates
  • BONUS: Hashtag Hack

Your Instructor

Caitlin McCall

Over the last two years, I've built my following from 0 to 24k AND monetized my account!

My most recent milestone was going completely FULL TIME into my online business. I was able to accomplish this WITHOUT pulling all nighters OR burning myself out working for someone else!

Now, I want to show YOU how to THRIVE by turning

your PASSION into a full-time online business,

but first, let's start with making REELS + TikToks! 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't tried to make a REEL/TikTok before. Is this for beginners?

YES! This is for anyone who wants to leverage short-form video to increase your audience and engagement! You don't have to be a social media or tech wiz!

I don't feel comfortable showing my face, will this still work for me?

YES! You can definitely make educational REELS/TikToks without showing your face (but I do recommend warming up to it!).

Not sure if it's right for you? E-mail me directly at

[email protected] and let's chat. :)

Q: "What if your strategies don't work for me?

Can I get a refund?"

A: Sorry, No refunds here!

This course is for committed future online business owners/social media users only - so if you aren't 100% sure that you want to take action on your social media, it might be best to think it over a little longer before making your decision.