An Introduction to Your Instructor, Scott

Hello, I’m Scott and I will be one of your instructors on the Eco-Conscious Underwater Photography course. I’m an SSI open water instructor from the UK. My career began in television where I worked for seven years as a producer before traveling to New Zealand where I met my fellow instructor Caitlin, it was during this time that I was convinced to do my open water course by a friend in Thailand. I would go back regularly over the next few years to Thailand to complete my advanced, rescue, and divemaster certifications. I then came back to the UK and made a transition into social video content for a few years before getting itchy feet and moving to Australia where I found my dream job as an underwater photographer on the Great Barrier Reef. I have an incredible passion for media and a love of diving sp I really hope I can inspire many of you divers to pick up a camera and capture the beauty of the ocean. I’m completely self-taught which means that I understand the struggle to find the answers to your questions so if you have any questions - what camera should you buy? How do you edit particular marine life etc. - throughout the course then please contact me or Caitlin, you can find me using the social handle on the screen. I can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible. I hope you enjoy the course!

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